It’s been two years since we last loosened our belts and ate our way through more than 30 of the city’s best burgers, which is why we thought it’s high time we did it again. After all, Dubai loves burgers – a sentiment that has been exemplified by the recent spate of openings (Burger Rebels, South St Burger and Best Burgers Forever earlier in the year) and pending openings (Elevation Burger on Sheikh Zayed Road, and yet more branches of Kiwi franchise BurgerFuel).

In fact, the city boasts burgers to suit all tastes and budgets: there are 54 McDonald’s outlets, as well as countless high-end burger options featuring all manner of luxury ingredients, from wagyu to foie gras.
In our latest quest to find the best beef patty in town, we’ve steered away from the bigger fast food chains in order to showcase the venues grilling up something healthier, more innovative or more gourmet. We rated each burger according to the quality of the meat, the bun, the accompanying relish, its overall taste and (importantly), how messy it is to eat. We’ve also categorised the burgers by price, meaning when you next get that calorific craving, you know exactly where to go and what to order.