Khaled Takreti made his mark on the art scene with his use of bright hues, influenced by colour-happy legends Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. But in the Syrian artist’s new series, ‘Silence’, he has swayed from his signature style to create a series of grey, black and sepia paintings that he says reflect his present emotional state. ‘For me, art is a mirror and a reflection of your state of mind,’ explains the 48-year-old artist.

Devoid of colour and with a focus on neutral hues, Takreti’s works almost resemble photographs. ‘The palette illustrates the pain I’ve experienced, which has drained the colour and narrative from my works,’ he explains. Using lace and stamps to create the mixed-media works, Takreti reveals that keeping the canvas colour-free allows viewers to come up with their own narrative. ‘I wanted to make the work simpler and less elaborate, to make people think,’ he says. The exhibition continues at Dubai’s Ayyam Gallery until Thursday November 29 – here, Takreti talks us through some of his stand-out works.

The lowdown
Exhibition: ‘Silence’ until November 29 at Ayyam Gallery, Gate Village (04 439 2395).
Artist: Khaled Takreti.
Price of works: Dhs128,500 to Dhs293,500.