Controversial American R&B star Chris Brown returned to Dubai for another performance last week. Much like his music, the event proved popular with swathes of screaming teenagers who turned out to watch the ‘Beautiful People’ singer do his thing. His thing, as it turned out, didn’t differ much from his last Dubai show (a pyramid, dancers in glowing, Tron-eqsue outfits - along with his own fantastic live voice and dance moves).He did, however, borrow some moves from Korean pop sensation PSY this time, and at one point burst into a short Gangnam-style dance, sending the excitable young crowd into a frenzy. Sadly for fans, there was no encore – perhaps Chris was saving himself for Cavalli Club the next night, where he was spotted with an ex, People by Crystal the night after that, followed by quadbiking in the desert the day after that.

The Lowdown

What: Chris Brown live in concert
When: Tuesday December 11
Where: Meydan Racecourse