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Posted by: Michael on 04 Jan ' 13 at 06:13

The Artists and their Performance were really great. The View of the Burj Khalifa's Firework amazing.
Unfortunately, the whole Organization of this Event and in particular the Situation at the Entrance and Beverage Stations were a Disaster and ended in a Chaos.
Security could not master the Crowd at all. People were crushed, pushed and Access to the Event without a Ticked was easy for so many Visitors.
The Organizers should be very grateful that this Event did not cause serious Casualties.

Posted by: Barry Ahmed Khan Smith on 02 Jan ' 13 at 10:56

What a terribly organised event! We spent half the night queing to get in, and the other half waiting for a drink......then the bar ran out of bottles! Not to mention several fist-fights, lack of fireworks and the 3 hour wait for a taxi. Should have stayed in and just watched MTV! Wooooord

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