The Lowdown
What: Optical, J:Kenzo and Ryme Tyme
When: Friday January 18
Where: The Music Room, Majestic Hotel Tower

Well known for its efforts to put on nights that bring out alternative, emerging and quirky acts from around the world, The Music Room hosted another intriguingly underground gig last weekend. Following on from the likes of the pioneering English DJ and producer Andy C, who smashed the venue to pieces (figuratively speaking, we hasten to add) and whetted the crowd’s appetite the previous weekend, Optical (aka Ed Rush), MC Ryme Tyme and J:Kenzo touched down to raise the roof, with a heavy session of drum ’n’ bass and dubstep. It may not have quite lived up to the previous weekend’s antics, but The Music Room are still heading in the right direction, and for that, we salute them.