1 Getaway
Director: Courtney Solomon
Stars: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez, Jon Voight, Rebecca Budig, Paul Freeman, Bruce Payne, Velislav Pavlov, Dejan Angelov

Speaking over the phone, a mysterious villain (Voight, seen primarily in mouth close-ups) orders former racing superstar Brent Magna (Hawke) to steal an armoured hot rod and, with said vehicle’s owner (Gomez) in tow, complete a series of daredevil missions if he ever wants to see his kidnapped wife again. That sort of ludicrous premise should be ripe for outrageous B-movie thrills. Unfortunately, this genre cheapie – no relation to the Jim Thompson novel of a similar name or its 1972 Steve McQueen-Sam Peckinpah adaptation – is, despite a constant focus on auto mayhem, a lumbering dud incapable of getting out of first gear.

Civilians are put in harm’s way. Fireballs are escaped. Beaucoup cop cruisers are flipped. Yet director Courtney Solomon pours on the surveillance-cam POVs and edits his set pieces so manically that reckless thrills are sabotaged. That’s a near-fatal flaw, as Getaway cares little about plot and even less about credibility (cue a pouty-mouthed Gomez spouting nuggets of wisdom about computer servers and ISPs). If you can’t even deliver blatant car-nography, what’s the point? Nick Schager

Weekly box office:
Weekly admissions: 53,011
Total box office: Dhs2,141,593
Total admissions: 53,011