Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa, Autograph Collection

  • Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa, Autograph Collection
Location: Dubai Marina
Tel: 04 704 8888
Travel: Al Sufouh Road
Metro: DAMAC Properties Metro Station
Credit Cards Accepted: No
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  • andreea May 04, 2015 12:39 pm
    Would you go back to this hotel?
    I was attend a brunch with my mother to this hotel at Al Dhiyafa restaurant. It was amazing. I didn't know there are in Dubai executive chefs so good. Definitely I will come back to this place for food and service. Everything was delicious!
  • Neo Rumboldinho May 27, 2012 09:57 am
    Would you go back to this hotel?
    I have just stayed here over the weekend,

    Myself my wife and 10mnth old son.

    The whole weekend was ruined due to the worst service I have ever seen.

    Upon arrival, we parked the car and started to unload our bags etc, this was quite calmly watched by the porters and valet parking guys till I was just about done, then they delivered a trolley and asked if we needed help and also to try and hurry as more cars were wanting to park!

    Then at check in, a customer was really irate and having a go at the duty manager and desk staff, literally screaming at them! I thought typical jumped up guy here in Dubai, should have taken this as a warning even then.

    Next we check in, Full payment now!! ok so we pay, no welcome greeting or even welcome refreshment on offer.

    After check in we continue to the concierge desk, have to wait here for over 5mins with no action, finally the porter arrives and takes us to the elevator, "you go up fist and i will follow, its room 303" ok so we get to the floor, there are no wall or over head signs to indicate our room location, we did not find our room till he arrived a few minutes later to point us in the direction, and then when you finally find it the sign on the door is so small you need super vision to make it out.
    Without so much as a hint of interest or direction from the porter as to the room layout facilities etc he is away on his toes.

    Within 5mins of being in the room, the door goes, I answer to find another staff member, he asked me quite abruptly, you order something? or you want something? I replied no to this, then he asked if we had the baby cot that we requested, Yes I reply and thanks for that. (even though it was very flimsy and had a nail sticking out of the support) "can I see this please he asks" and proceeds to enter the room, upon seeing the cot he then picks up the phone to call someone and gets into an argument over the fact that the cot is already in the room, I politely asked him to finish the call and leave the room.

    (Room and pool facilities very nice, only plus about the hotel itself!)

    That evening we book a meal in the summer place restaurant, very nice ambience and food, but quite possibly the worst service you can imagine, food wrong, staff clueless and don’t take one second to listen to what you say to them.
    The bill came and paid a generous tip for the service and then signed for the meal to the room. Upon leaving the waiter runs after us and says we can’t sign to room as have to settle in cash before we leave, said this was because we have paid up front and all the meals and drinks we have during our stay will be this way. (never explained to us at the check in)

    That first night we are kept awake till gone 2pm by thumping and pounding then loud drunken voices in the corridor. Find out this is due to the night club on that floor called I2

    Swimming pool very good, bar in pool though became more like a dance club in Ibiza, man and women getting very drunk and loud and then dancing in and out of the water! Forgot we were in the UAE at one point, very inappropriate.

    Second nights meal at Fish bazaar = Excellent in all aspects, and will be going back to this restaurant many times over.

    Second night, as we were on the 3rd floor the I2 nightclub again became an issue with the music and base pounding the room till gone 2am, but that was just the start, we had on two separate occasions drunken hotel guests or not from the club banging and kicking on our door to get in, they could not locate their own room as too drunk to do so, my son was awoken and found it very distressful having the loud shouting and banging, both times I opened the door and told these people to get lost, after the second time I called reception and they apologiesd and said the club goes on till 2:30am and that there is nothing they can do but to move us to a different room! At this time and with my son trying to sleep not an option.

    This place is a disgrace all round, from the minute we got there, the service (lack of) the drunken people from the brunch on Friday in the lobby and by the pool to the idiots who can’t drink being allowed to roam the corridors and banging on any door their small intoxicated minds deem to be their room.

    The duty manager upon checkout apologies and said when we come again he will make it ok for us!!! Informed him we will never be going again and i would advise to keep clear of this place, there are plenty of better and roughly priced hotels to stay in.

    Best Regards
  • Roland Apr 07, 2012 04:33 pm
    Would you go back to this hotel?
    Only visited the Horizon Lounge - the staff at bar seemed very disjointed, and not easy to understand. Stood at bar for a few minutes with 3 staff interested in something else. The 'on offer' white wine was undrinkable but the more expensive one was fine. The sports channels, featuring English live football showed the same game on three TVs but the radio hosts were commentating on another game that we could not see. Two of the TVs had poor reception but did not see anybody interested in the quality. Cushions were asked for but the damp-stained white ones that showed up were not very inviting. Considering a local radio station was involved it seems a shame that the 'Lounge' was very unimpressive compared to other outlets, one of which we escaped to fairly quickly.

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