Citymax Hotels Al Barsha

Citymax Hotels Al Barsha
Location: Barsha
Tel: 04 409 8000
Travel: Sheikh Zayed Road
Credit Cards Accepted: No
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  • Eileen Reynoso Feb 15, 2013 05:30 pm
    Would you go back to this hotel?
    I and my friends have availed of their "All Day lunch Friday Brunch Buffet" vouchers... and as we were planning to use it, I have called to make a reservation as specified in the deal's conditions. On my call the Reservation lady rudely said "We do not take reservations. It is a first come first first serve basis." I have asked for an indication of the current situation in the restaurant and was dismissed saying that they cannot guarantee. We took our chance anyway as I do not want our voucher to expire. Upon arriving at the venue, low and behold, the restaurant was EMPTY! What a first impression!

    During the entire course of our meal, our plates were never cleared until we finished our main. There was zero (0) service. The he lady ingredients were all in big chunks like as if just thrown in the pan straight from harvest (long beans were 12 inches long and the lady finger at 4"). They don't know how to chop/cut .

    After our meal, we decided to take a short walk outside and in the nearby mall and just leave our car parked in the hotel. As we went back to collect our car, we received a really unwelcoming stare from the security who went as far as ejecting us from the lift that I was positively sure indicates going down. The Security said this lift will go UP. After emphasizing it was pointing down, we got out and transferred to the opposite cabin. Security even went as far as having us followed until we reach our car. What a shame!

    I thought the bad experience will end as we head out of their cramped parking. On our way out, one of their company cars was doing a reversed parking and the driver seemed to be having a hard time, he stopped for more than a minute. I flashed in order for him to be aware that someone is waiting for him to finish. Driver just stared and took his time. A security was standing nearby so I opened my window and said to him that the driver may need his assistance. the Security snapped to say he just came wait until he finishes, tsk, tsk, tsk!

    What a nightmare this hotel has made our day! Again, Zero (0) service, moreover, CRAPPY STAFF! They need to be trained to be more efficient and more customer conscious!

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