We are one of the largest education providers in the United Arab Emirates and our main activity is the development and management of early childhood, primary and secondary schools.
Taaleem, which means 'education' in Arabic, is committed to inspiring students and helping them to identify and develop their passions and talents. We only recruit the best international teachers who are capable of delivering our international curricula in a creative and engaging manner. Taaleem seeks to raise the educational standards in the region. The combined experience of its core team of senior education leaders in international education policy, operations and global management best practices means Taaleem is well positioned to ensure the creative of truly exceptional schools that satisfy the most comprehensive and exacting education developmental requirements.

Taaleem is committed to:
Equipping children in the region holistically with the skills, knowledge and character to compete globally

Offering a comprehensive range of outstanding international curricula

Designing, building and managing the best educational facilities

Creating and implementing benchmark educational initiatives

Nurturing educational excellence through the attraction, retention and development of the best educators

Continuously evaluating and improving standards across our schools

Establishing our schools as valued cornerstones of their communities

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