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What do you get if you feed a cow Coca-Cola?

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Pull the udder one

What do you get if you feed a cow Coca-Cola? Fizzy milk! No longer just a bad joke, Coca-Cola is soon to launch Vio, a fizzy milk drink that mixes skimmed milk with sparkling water, fruit flavours and sugar. This potentially curdling concoction comes in four ‘natural’ flavours – peach mango, berry, citrus and tropical colada – and may be promoted as a healthy nutritional drink. Yuck.

Backhand blaster

A tiny tot has been tipped as a future tennis champ after learning to play the game at the age of two. Jonah Ziff from the UK has already mastered forehands, backhands and the over-arm serve – even though he is still in nappies. The toddler’s talents were first spotted at his local gym when his parents took his six older brothers and sisters for tennis lessons. Jonah was handed a racket to keep him quiet and mum Danielle, 35, was stunned at the results. ‘He swung a perfect shot right over the net and past our eldest daughter… We were totally gobsmacked.’

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