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Kids a go-go

There’s nothing our little bundles of energy love more than zipping around on some precarious mode of transport (unless, of course, it’s a supermarket shopping trolley). Bikes, scooters, ride-ons, pedal cars, motorised quad bikes – you name it, they love it. Why? Chiefly because the mischievous devils have absolutely no sense of danger and take great pleasure in freaking out their mums and dads. That said, ride-on toys give kids a tremendous sense of freedom and independence, as well as providing a great workout. We reckon kids and parents alike will be pretty enamoured with these funky – and award-winning – rides we’ve spotted around town.

For tiny tots, the bright and friendly Wheelybugs (they come in mice, bumble bees and ladybirds and in two sizes) will let little ’uns zip backwards, forwards, side to side and round and round. Plus, because they have multi-directional castors, you’ll avoid those squawks of frustration every time junior wedges himself against the kitchen table.

Meanwhile, your toddler will be the envy of the park with this pedal-less Wishbone bike that lets them propel themselves along ‘Flinstones-style’. Known as pre-bikes, the nifty vehicles allow younger kids to experience bike-riding until they are ready for a two-wheeler with pedals. Great for teaching kids about balance, the Wishbone bike grows with your child, converting from a three-wheeled ride-on toy for early walkers to a two-wheeled bike that can be adjusted from a low-rider to a high-rider (suitable for kids up to five years old) with just a flip of the frame.
Wheelybug suitable for kids from walking-25kg, Dhs250-300 from JustKidding (04 341 3922). Wishbone bikes Dhs1,000 from Bumble Bee, The Dubai Mall (04 3308160)

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