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Mirdiff Mums playgroup

A busy mum of two energetic boys, Catherine Terry helps coordinate the Mirdif Mum playgroups, welcoming new families to the area

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What do you do that’s purely for you?
My friends are my real sanity savers. I catch up regularly with one friend, who, like me, has two boys. Even when we can’t get together, we usually text or phone each other to see how the afternoon is going. Keeping each other’s spirits up with a giggle or having a good old moan really helps. I also have a little ‘breakfast club’. We are really just a group of four friends who get together in the morning. We initially met either through being neighbours or at a party. We are all different nationalities and have kids of different ages. However, we all get along really well and enjoy each other’s company. It’s not a regimented arrangement – just once in a while we’ll get together and take turns to be hostess. Rather than go out to a fancy – and pricey – hotel or café, we decided to treat ourselves at home simply because we enjoy entertaining. My husband sometimes spies lots of goodies in the fridge and thinks, optimistically, that I’m spoiling him. I have to say ‘Sorry, hands off – they are for our breakfast tomorrow!’

What do you talk about?
Whatever takes our fancy really. Often our families or what’s driving us particularly crazy that week, be it at home or something about life in Dubai in general! It doesn’t matter: the important thing is that no matter how we’re all feeling when we meet, or what kind of week we’ve had, we all leave feeling good.

So friends are important for you?

I once saw a poster somewhere with the caption ‘your friends are the family you choose’. This is very true and also very apt for Dubai. For those who have become a mum for the first time, it can be hard living away from the support of your family. It can easily lead to a feeling of isolation if you don’t have contact with other like-minded people. Friends are so important for sharing advice and information not to mention practical help. I was recently in hospital with my eldest son for a weekend and when we came home, two of my friends cooked meals for us so I could concentrate on him. How wonderful is that? Part of my role with the Mirdif Mums group is to welcome mums to our playgroups, making sure they feel that someone is there for them, particularly if they are new to Dubai or the area. I know how I felt when we first moved to Dubai. Joining Mirdif Mums has allowed me to meet so many amazing women from every corner of the planet. I’m very happy to give something back and help other mums make friends.
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