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Jumeirah residents Oscar Chapman, 11, and Che Woodthorpe-Wright, aged two, talk to us about football, nicknames and Bob the Builder

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Oscar, you’ve just started high school, how’s it going?
Oscar: I love it. I’m at Repton and the facilities are amazing. I’m especially happy with all the sports stuff. Everyone’s really nice there, too.

So is sport one of your hobbies?
Oscar: Definitely – it’s what I want to do when I grow up. Football is my favourite. I’d like to do that when I’m older.

So you’re good at it then?
Oscar: (Looks bashful) I’m alright.

Do you play football with your little brother?
Oscar: Yes. But only at home. I don’t take him out to the park yet. I think he’s showing a lot of promise for a two year old, aren’t you Che-Che?

Che: Doos Dodor! (Points to his bottle of juice).

Oscar: He calls me Dodor and he calls our older brother, Louis, Wee wee (giggles).

Does your older brother mind?
Oscar: Nah! All his mates call him Wee wee now as well. He thinks it’s cool!

What kind of things do you and Che do together?
Oscar: All sorts. We play hide and seek, we love the snow park at Ski Dubai and I took Che to his first movie recently. He sat and watched it all the way through – and he ate all my popcorn.

What things does he like to watch?
Che: Bob de brum brum! (Runs off and jumps on his toy motorbike).

Oscar: His favourite programme is Bob the Builder – he watches it over and over again. He likes Garfield too.

What are you going to do today – as it’s a Saturday?
Oscar: I’m off to play footie in the park with my mate Harry. We’ll probably be there for a few hours. I just love sports – I can’t get enough. I did a football summer camp this year – five hours of pure football every day. I was in heaven!

And what’s Che going to do?
Oscar: He’ll probably muck about with some play dough, do some dancing ’cos he loves music and then have a nap. Won’t you Che-Che?

Che: Wheeeeee! Bumble bee! (Goes whizzing off on his bike).

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