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Umm Suqeim trio Anthony (13), Clara (10), and Gaelle Eid (three) talk shops, swings and sibling rivalry

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What’s your favourite thing to do in Dubai?
Clara: I love going shopping and going to the mall. I love buying clothes.

I like your outfit…
Clara: Thank you. It’s from Massimo Dutti.
Anthony: I hate shopping, unless it’s for games and electronics and stuff.
Gaelle: I go shop and buy lollipop!

So what do you like doing Anthony?
Anthony: I play tennis and go swimming, but my biggest hobby is playing on the computer.
Clara: He’s on it for hours.
Anthony: No I’m not! But I like games and Facebook.
Clara: He stays indoors too much.

Are you an outdoorsy person Clara?
Clara: Yes, I am. We’re from Lebanon and I miss the nature that is there.
Anthony: I like going home to see our family and cousins, but Dubai is cool because all our friends are here and you can find anything and do anything you like here.

What’s it like having two sisters?
Clara [laughing]: I don’t think he likes it very much.
Anthony: The bad thing is that they are soooo annoying, obviously.
Clara: Hey!
Anthony: But the good thing is that I’m never bored.
Clara: Yeah, but I have to play with Gaelle the most.
Gaelle: Look at meeee! Look at meeee! Upside down!

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