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Working mums in Dubai

To work or not to work, that is the question. Time out talks to four mums about working versus staying at home

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• Anita Shepherd, a part-time credit controller, is mum to three-year-old Luca. She came to Dubai 14 years ago from Australia.

• Stay-at-home mum, Nicola Wilson has lived in the UAE for 19 years and has one son, Noah, aged three.

• A full time chartered quantity surveyor, Sue Thackray is mum to Emily, six and Flynn, four. She arrived in Dubai in 2006 from the UK.

• Co-owner of online shopping site babysouk.com, Franziska Shwarz is mum to twin girls, Alexis and Filippa, aged three. She came to Dubai three years ago from Germany.

While stereotypes of yesteryear dictated that Dad was the only bread-winner, today, more mums than ever are going back to work. But how does it affect their families? Do most enjoy getting away from the rugrats? And what about those studies that say your offspring will become a generation of delinquent losers if you return to the office once breastfeeding is done and dusted? We set the world to rights over lattes and gorgeous cakes at The Lounge at Marks & Spencer in Dubai Festival City.

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Dear Parnatti - Very valid point, seems like FNC heard you! Here's the newslink for your interest - http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/government/fnc-demands-a-revision-in-maternity-leave-rules-1.615368

Dear Priya - We live in bipolar world so every view point essentially has two sides to it. I agree with you, its very wise for a woman to measure the pros and cons of the situation and make a final decision.

Review by : Bhawna Sehra

My Opinion,

House Wife -
a.husband financially able to support the family and give a comfortable life in dubai
b.husband want his wife to be a good home maker and take care of children.

Working Woman -
a. Woman like to work and be independent
b.financially support family
c.husband's salay is not enough.

Usually married woman will come under one/few of the above categories.. expatriates coming out of their home country to dubai usually plan in advance or use the oppurtunity based on the situation.

I wanted to be a home maker..but, oppurtunity came to me after marriage and took me till USA due to my husbands support. Currently, I am working as an IT professional in a government company. Me and My husband was able to plan future , do some investments and enjoy a comfortable life.

In case, if i opted to be a home maker we wouldn't have planned much and tried to manage with whatever my husband earns.

Definitely, when a woman gives birth to her baby should enjoy the moment and be with kid. Later, she can decide with her husband for future plan.

In general, we can't say being a home maker is better than a working woman's life and vice versa.
Both will have pros and Cons...

Review by : Priya Anand

Home making is definitely better than corporate slavery, here’s how!

1. If you feel like lazing in the bed for that special extra hour in the morning, go ahead and snooze, it’s not going to get recorded on your punch-in time.

2. You can enjoy that precious morning coffee gazing at the clear sea, without panting at the printer to prepare your To-do list for the morning briefing.

3. You can do the housework with earphones plugged in; it won’t show up on your quarterly appraisal.

4. Party on Thursday night? Relax; you have the whole week to turn into the charming princess instead of fighting for the 6pm appointment at The Nail Bar.

5. You don’t have to modify your feet anatomy to fit in those ‘Ahh - so -sexy - stilettos’. Walk in your bunny slippers at home for all it matters!

6. Your mom in law is acting funny; go for a break at your parent’s house. You don’t need to get a leave application form signed.

7. Your wardrobe finally gains some balance in content. All you had earlier was business wear and Pajama sets.

8. Your child’s nanny can go off for a weekday without you suffering from a heart attack.

9. Special days of the month? You don’t have to walk around with a pharmacy in your bag. Sit back and relax with a hot water bottle snuggled in your blanket. This way, you will also escape from assaulting a male colleague for an over smart comment.

10. Best of all, you can exercise your creative intelligence like writing this article without procrastinating it for a million years.

Review by : Bhawna Sehra

The hardest part of it, for a full-time working mother, is facing the very poor 45-days maternity leave for which women are entitled.
I'm the main income in my family, and I can't give up working.
It would be appreciable if the UAE Government could take into consideration offering an adequate Maternity Leave period (average in Europe is about 4 months) that would help professional women to become mothers as well as continue to maintain their job role and contribute to the Nation's wealth.
In the outlook, the actual set up is really stressful and doesn't help neither the mom-to-be feelings nor their professional life.

Review by : Pamatti