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Rosie, 10, Jemima, nine and Ted Collins, aged five, talk tooth fairies, Thailand and sleeping lions while hanging out at Safa Park

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So, what’s been going on in the Collins household lately?
Rosie: Ted lost his first tooth yesterday, didn’t you Ted. Oooh! Let’s have a look...
Ted: Here! (Grins to bare his teeth and points at the gap.)

Wow! That’s quite a gap. Did it hurt?
Ted: No. It just came out. It feels a bit funny. (Gets preoccupied with trying to stick a Dhs1 coin to his cheek).
Rosie: We didn’t even know it was loose. He didn’t wiggle it or anything. I expect it feels all gummy at the moment, right Teddy? I’ve lost all my teeth. Now my big ones have come through and I’ve got gaps.
Jemima: I’ve lost 10 of mine – got a few more to go. (She grins madly).

What are you up to for the spring break?
Rosie: Hopefully, we’re going to Damascus and Lebanon. I’d quite like to go to England too, though. We went to Thailand over the summer.

And what was that like?
Jemima: Brilliant! I really liked the night shops and there were lots of things to see. I found these fruits called rambutans and I ate loads of them. They’re red and spiky and look like lychees. I miss England too. I miss the snow most of all.
Rosie: We went with our cousins to Thailand and we played Sleeping Lions at night. It was hilarious!

How do you play that?
Rosie: One person has to pretend to be asleep and they’re not allowed to move or react at all, and without touching them, the rest of you has to make them laugh – or smile – or twitch even. Our cousin Toby was amazing at it.

He won?
Jemima: Yes! It didn’t matter what we did. He just didn’t react at all. He just lay there completely still as though he was asleep. It was quite frustrating.

And how did you do at the game, Ted?
(Ted decides he’s had enough of questions and is attempting to do roly-polies on the grass instead.)
Rosie: Ted?
Jemima: Ted!!

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