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Discipline and children

If you spare the rod, will you really spoil the child? Joanna England debates the dos and don’ts of discipline with four Dubai mums.

Debate team

• Photographer and mum to three-year-old Aadi, Roopam Attari lives in Dubai Festival City and has been in the UAE for five years. She grew up in Yorkshire in
the UK.

• Currently living in Silicone Oasis, Sarah Gregory is mum to four sons, Henry, Oliver, Hugo and Max. She has lived in Dubai for 11 years and is originally from the UK.

• Originally from Belfast, Arlene Lumley lives in Arabian Ranches with her husband, daughter Charlotte (four) and son Evan (three). Based in Dubai for 11 years, she runs her own company, Tinytoes.

• Lisa Robinson is a stay-at-home mum to Ruby, 17 months, and Grace, three. She lives in Arabian Ranches and arrived in Dubai from the UK three years ago.

What got us talking…

Who lays down the law in your house? Are you the Chief Justice when it comes to bare-faced cheek? Or do you sit back and leave it all to ‘Big Bad Dad’? Perhaps you both have different ideas on parenting – and that causes conflict when the little monsters push the boundaries. What about doling out the odd smack for truly unruly deeds? Is that an absolute no-no in your portfolio of parenting? The trouble is that what works for one family, often doesn’t work for another. As parents we’re so bombarded with information from so-called experts who are convinced their way is best, we’re often left feeling like total failures when junior’s bad habits persist. We discussed the pros and cons of discipline with four mums – all of whom have very different approaches – along with some excellent cakes and coffees at More Café in Al Garhoud.

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