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Family photographers in Dubai

Fancying a family photo, preferably one with eyes open, everyone smiling and no absent heads, Karen Iley and her brood get well and truly papped

Darrin James

Style: Candid, natural shots taken either on the beach or in the Palm studio. Experience Our outdoor session with the softly-spoken Marius feels more like a playdate, only there’s just us. We muck around on the beach, fling pebbles into the waves and have a running race – a pleasant afternoon and great for kids who may lose the plot when confined to a studio.

Tweaking: Rogue pimples and ‘Speedo man’ who’s inconsiderately wandered into your sea-side shoot are easily zapped.

Result: The soft, spontaneous style captures our personalities and is great for smaller prints, while studio-based shots would suit larger, wall-mounted images.

Value for money: Dhs295 for the one-hour shoot with consultation, viewing and a desk-mounted, framed A5 print. Small, unframed prints are good value at Dhs40-70. Larger canvases and frames start at Dhs750 for a 30cm image up to Dhs4,950 for a 1.5m shot. A disc with 25 low-res images will set you back Dhs2,900.
04 368 6355; www.djphotography.net.

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