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Spring fare

Get cracking with your kids in the kitchen with these eggs-cellent treats for the spring break

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Funny egg

Serves 4
• 4 eggs
• 50g red capsicum (tongue)
• 50g black olives (eyes)
• 1 small cucumber (head)
• 2 cherry tomatoes (head)
• 1 stick of uncooked spaghetti
• Mayonnaise (glue)

1 Boil the eggs and peel. Set aside to cool.
2 Cut the bottom off the egg for a good standing position.
3 Cut the cucumber into 4 slices.
4 Halve the cherry tomatoes.
5 Cut the edge off the olives.
6 Peel and de-seed the capsicum and cut into a small tongue-shaped pieces.
7 Spear the tomato and cucumber onto the egg with the dry spaghetti stick for the hat.
8 Use the mayonnaise in a small piping bag to glue the olives onto the egg for eyes.
9 Cut a slit in the egg and stick the red capsicum in as a tongue.
10 Keep the egg cool and serve.

With thanks to Thorsten Sbrzesny, executive chef at One to One Hotel – The Village, Abu Dhabi

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