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Juggling school runs with cooking dinner, blowing noses and kissing grazed knees, Time Out chats to 10 Dubai enterprising Dubai mums

The Pie Lady

Mum-of-four, Sarah Gregory, made use of her culinary expertise when her family felt the pinch during the credit crunch
‘I started making and selling my pies about a year ago when we were going through a really tough time financially. A friend suggested I make her a pie – and it took off from there.’

Sarah, whose four sons are Henry (11), Oliver (nine), Hugo (six) and Max, aged five, now has a regular list of customers ordering her homemade pies on a weekly basis. Her menu includes traditional steak with suet pastry and all sorts of chicken and vegetable varieties. ‘I can do anything people want really,’ she says, adding that most of her orders are for dinner parties.

‘I make the filling and cook it. Usually everything marinades for 24 hours beforehand so the flavour is really rich. Then I add the uncooked pastry – which is all homemade, unless puff is requested – and put the pie together.’

Men, she says, are big fans of her steak pies, while the ladies prefer the chicken and vegetable varieties. In a clever marketing trick, Sarah delivers the pies in a proper ceramic pie dish which the customer keeps. ‘They stick it in their own oven to finish off the cooking and can pass it off as their own,’ she laughs. ‘On a good week I make about 16 pies, which is a lot – especially when you consider all the pastry is made from scratch.’

A self-taught kitchen whizz, Sarah says, ‘I’m not about fussy, fancy food, and when you have four young children, you can’t go out much, so I made an effort with cooking – making sure the family ate tasty, healthy meals. I’ve tried my hand at several different cuisines, but my pies have always been popular.’ The main challenge she faces however, is transport. ‘My service includes the pie delivery, which can be difficult. Once I had six pies to deliver in a single afternoon and my car decided to break down – so I had to take them all by taxi. But that’s all part of the fun, I guess!’
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An eye opening collection of 'Real Life Heros umm..heroines' in this case. Each of these women have acted upon the many ideas we are blessed with in our day to day lives, and have made it a success too. Being a mum is a challenge in itself. On top of that, these women have marched against the wind and managed to keep it all together. It was very inspiring to read such exemplary display of courage, commitment, persistence and time management. Keep it up, Supermums!

Review by : Bhawna Sehra