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Bilingual kids Eve, 13, Laura, 11 and Benjamin Vaitls, aged nine, talk languages, lessons and their love of surfing

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You guys used to live in Germany. What languages do you speak?
Laura: We speak German at school and English at home.
Eve: It’s not a problem to switch between the two. Next year when I’m in grade eight, I’ll take some lessons in English at school. I take French lessons too.

Don’t you get mixed up?
Eve: Not really, because we have a really good teacher who explains things really well. She’s great at organising French penfriends and our class went to the French Embassy to get an award – we had to write five sentences about why it’s good to learn the French language.

Well done! What else do you enjoy at school?
Eve: I like physics because our teacher is really good fun. One time, he drew a black spot and made us put a microscope over it until it caught fire. It was really cool.
Ben: I like project week when we get to choose what we want to do. Last time, I did a project about frogs and I learned they lay a lot of eggs – what do you call it in English? Frog spawn! They make hundreds and millions but only 10 per cent survive and get big.

Do you like animals then?
Ben: I love animals! There’s a big zoo in Al Ain, have you been? We have. It’s absolutely brilliant! We didn’t see the white lions but we saw the kangaroos and giraffes.

And you like talking?
Ben: I love talking!

What’s your favourite place outside Dubai?
Laura: Eve and I went on a school trip to Musandam in Oman. We saw dolphins and we went hiking in the mountains and we also went fishing and caught five fish. We liked it a lot.
Ben: I didn’t go... (looks glum)

Cheer up! I’m sure you got to do other cool stuff?
Ben: (Cheers up) I love the beach! And I love surfing!
Laura: It’s warm now, but I love that even in the winter we can go swimming at the beach…
Ben: …and surfing! I’m a beginner but I was in the top 10 and Laura and Eve weren’t. I stood up the first time.
Laura: I tried, but it’s quite tricky.
Ben: It’s my new favourite thing! (starts air surfing)

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