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Time Out Kids checks out three foodie school trips worth signing up for

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Ever wondered how your kids would fare in a fine dining restaurant but were too scared to try it out? Why not ask your school to take them to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in the Monarch Hotel, where, even if they have the table manners of an untrained monkey, they’re sure to pick up some useful tips. First off, the kids discover that the original Chicago branch was called The Chris Steakhouse until it was taken over by a lady called Ruth, hence the lisp-inducing (but grammatically correct) apostrophe. Then, the kids are split into two groups and given tours of the plush eating area, where they learn how orders are taken and processed through computer to the kitchen (‘really cool!’); as well as how to sit properly at the table, which cutlery to use and what a napkin is for – all handy stuff. As eight-year-old Saakhi from the American School of Dubai says, ‘I’ve never been to a restaurant this fancy before – you’d have to be very good if you came here or else you’d be grounded.’

They also see how the serving staff do their job and ascertain, amid much slapstick comedy, why restaurants have one door for going into the kitchen and one for coming out. In the kitchen tour, and decked out in fetching hygienic bonnets, they watch the staff slice onions and peel potatoes for fries. A tour of the vast walk-in meat fridge is a highlight for its sheer size and goriness (the girls are particularly squeamish at the smell of blood) while the tank – a temporary home to the soon-to-be-dinner lobster – elicits groans of sympathy. Still in their groups, one tucks into chicken nuggets and chips (shame the kids don’t get to try the restaurant’s renowned steaks or wagyu mini burgers), while the other decorates Ruth’s Chris’ equally famous brownies with cream, strawberry and chocolate sauce. All change, and an hour later, everyone is sated and ready to leave, armed with their Ruth’s Chris t-shirts, backpacks, caps and vouchers for mum and dad.
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