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Having a baby in Dubai

Five mums who had babies in Dubai talk delivery winners and woes

I had Samuel at the American Hospital and I couldn’t fault it! You get a lot of scans and I happened to miss one when I was travelling and remember getting very upset about it. But a friend reminded me that the scan I’d missed wasn’t even available to women three years ago. You do feel that you need to do every single scan, but I did enjoy the peace of mind it gave me.’
Paula Harrington, co-owner of online baby store Bubs Boutique and mum to Sam, two and William, two months.

The service is great here. When George was born, I loved the fact that I could order food to my room at any hour of the day. I remember eating delicious, fresh sandwiches at 2am!’
Jane Hinde, stay-at-home mum to Stefanie, seven, Rebekka, five, Alfie, three and George, three months.

I was pretty anxious because I’m the sort of person that wants a lot of detail, and my doctor wasn’t used to giving that amount of detail. She kept saying to me, “You need to trust me, I know what I’m doing. I’ve been doing it for 30-odd years.” So I didn’t have much information, but what I did have was trust in her. When you’re in a different country and you’re not used to the way things work, a part of you has to let go and just say, “I’m going to give it over to these people, they know what they’re doing.”’
Femida Hirji, stay-at-home mum to Omar, two and Amaara, 16 months.

I had the same ob/gyn doing my C-section that I saw all the way through, and that gave me confidence. But unlike in the UK, where I was given too much information, I really had to push for information here. But here, I got my own, immaculate room which was cleaned twice a day, though I did find the culture out here of keeping your baby in a hospital nursery post-birth very bizarre. They would come and say, “We need Dylan.” They could be hours and I’d sit up thinking: Where is he?’
Samm Thompson, full-time mum to Sophie, four and Dylan, two.

Don’t be afraid to check out the government services. With my son Alex, I actually decided to go to Al Wasl hospital because I wasn’t happy with the private service I was getting here. Al Wasl was wonderful. The first time I went in, I was in tears due to worry, and a lovely local lady came and put her arms around me, asked why I was crying, and then sat me down and fed me chocolate! After that I was scanned straight away and they looked after me from the 15th week. I spent the last three weeks on bed rest at Al Wasl. If I have another baby here, I’ll definitely go back to Al Wasl.’
Suzanne Randall, stay-at-home mum to Madeleine, three and Alexander, one.

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