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Anthony Browne interview

Children's author and illustrator tells us about his work

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Anyone with sprogs of a certain age will, most likely, have an Anthony Browne book somewhere on their bookshelves. Originally from Yorkshire, Browne, who is the UK’s current Children’s Laureate, has had
a colourful career to say the least. Indeed, he even once worked as a medical artist, where he documented all sorts of gory operations in water colour.

It was this rather macabre experience (which often saw him eating his packed lunch in the mortuary) that inspired Browne to become an illustrator. Operations taught him to tell a tale in pictures, but eventually, they became quite boring. ‘If you’ve seen one stomach operation, you’ve seen ‘em all!’ he laughs. We caught up with the man himself for a chat and an art lesson in drawing Willy the Chimp.

What’s so cool about doodling and illustrating?
When I was a small boy I loved to draw and tell stories. Now it’s my job! For me it’s the best job in the world – I’m being paid to do what I loved as a kid!

How long have you been doing it?
A long time. My first book, Through the Magic Mirror, was published in 1976.

What do you like drawing most and why?
Primates: Gorillas, chimpanzees and people. It’s always a good idea to draw things that interest you and primates – particularly humans – interest me.

Do you find anything difficult to draw?
Yes, horses, dancers and anything mechanical.

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