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10 reasons to love art

Art can make your kids smarter and more creative facts for parents

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1 Art improves hand-to-eye coordination
Do your little tykes have handwriting messier than a spider on roller skates? Drawing and painting helps kids develop steady hands and provides invaluable practice when it comes to forming their letters and holding their writing tools correctly.

2 Art helps self-expression
You can always tell if a child is happy and balanced by their daubs and doodles. Indeed, potential problems can be flagged up through pictures – if, for example, they’re being bullied at school but haven’t felt able to express their unhappiness. More positively, they can set their own boundaries through their art work. Anything goes when you’re given a paint palette and a blank piece of paper.

3 Art is the perfect cooldown
Literacy and numeracy require kids to concentrate in a way that is both tiring and draining. An afternoon art lesson is the perfect antidote to all of that channeled concentration by providing children with the downtime they need to recharge their overloaded mental batteries.

4 Art nurtures inventiveness
Children express their ideas far better through creative mediums. If you were to ask a class of six-year-olds to design a machine that makes their bed every morning, they would take to the challenge with gusto and astound you with their mechanical know-how and imagination. Ask them to write down their ideas, however, and most of them would struggle.

5 Art builds confidence
Art is subjective. Every child can excel at it. True, little Johnny’s dragon may look like an explosion in a mud factory but that doesn’t matter a jot. He might never be a Rodin or a Da Vinci, but Pablo Picasso should watch out.

6 Art keeps them amused
Those long, summer months are looming, which means that the kids will be cooped up for weeks on end. Unless you enjoy tearing your hair out, we suggest that you invest in some creative materials and embark on a major craft project. Combine the kitchen table art sessions with some soothing classical music (Mozart is a good bet) and enjoy the serenity that follows.

7 Even tiny tots can benefit
A session with play dough is brilliant at improving a toddler’s dexterity. Moulding and squeezing the dough works the muscles they’ll need in later years when holding pens and pencils. Make your own dough and add a few drops of mood-enhancing essential oils like lavender, mandarin or camomile to the mix for a tantrum-free time.

8 Art can teach them the value of recycling
Any old scrap material can be used in an artistic way. Store up all of your old bottle tops, yoghurt pots, magazines, ribbons, buttons and bits and encourage your children to use them as part of an artistic, 3D collage.

9 You’ll never buy birthday cards again
Nothing says that you care more for your friends than a homemade birthday card. Even little ones can get in on the act and produce some surprisingly good results. Just think: if you buy, on average, two birthday cards a month at Dhs20 a time, that’s a saving of Dhs480 per year.

10 Art is sociable
Pop your head around the door of any school art lesson and you’ll usually be deafened by the noise and chatter. Art projects where children work together on a design can be a brilliant way of building up their teamwork and negotiation skills.

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Bead Palace changed management, they have new sessions at Kempinski in MOE. They have a deal on dealgobbler.com right now but i'm not sure til when. Anyway, price is 140 per session and 600 plus per week.

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Does anyone know any summer art classes for kids in Jumeirah /Barsha area?? been trying to look foor Bead Palace, but couldnt reach their old number.

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