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Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman

By Francesca Simon

This book has four different stories about Henry and the types of tricks he is always trying to play on people. Henry is a horrid little boy who is always trying to get what he wants in any way he can. His victims are often Moody Margaret and his brother Perfect Peter. Perfect Peter always falls for Henry’s tricks, but Margaret fights with Henry all the time. Peter tries to get back at Henry for his tricks but does not succeed. I like this book because it’s exciting and funny. I don’t like the bit in the first chapter when Henry goes outside at night because it creeps me out and makes me feel cold. But I do like the way Susan and Margaret are close friends and work together to defeat Henry. Horrid Henry proves that he does not learn his lessons and that he does not regret his mistakes. I found it very funny to imagine how he made Kate and Soraya look, but thought it was very bad that he put glue in their hair. Chapter four is the funniest as Henry pretends he is being attacked by a nappy!
Reviewed by Maya Makhoul, aged six.

Find out more about this horrid boy who acts on impulse and has no fear of any consequences in a lively, must-see session with creator Francesca Simon and Steven Butler, who starred as Horrid Henry in the stage show.
Saturday March 12, 3pm-4pm.

Time Out Dubai,

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