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Lucy Holland, likes nothing better than a natter at the local library

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You’re a librarian. How did that happen?
I joined the community library at DUCTAC to borrow books, as you do, and realised they were looking for volunteers to help out. I don’t work, so I thought it might be a good way to indulge in my love of literature, do something for the community and meet other like-minded ladies.

What are the perks?
I love books, and we get to talk about them here a lot. Plus, you get loads of brilliant recommendations and we get first pick of all the new titles coming in. It’s a lovely, compact little library with a great selection, and the children’s section is brilliant. When kids are young they get through books so quickly, so it makes sense to join a library rather than buy them. There’s a big turnover of books as well, and we have regular sales which are very popular. I also like the fact that I can give other people recommendations on reads. I’m a very sociable librarian. I love a good natter.

So, you’re not the kind that says ‘sshh!’ all the time?
Oh no! (laughs). I’ll tell you a story: I was a very chatty child who was always talking. And I had a loud voice too. My mum used to take me to the big public library all the time and there was this absolutely horrible old librarian there who was forever shushing me. I couldn’t stand him! So no, I never shush people. I’m usually the one at the desk having a chat. Can’t you tell?

What’s your favourite book?
Hmm. That’s a tricky one. I do love Dickens. I think Great Expectations is probably my favourite book. I think some of his descriptions are very amusing.

Do you chase people who don’t bring back their books on time?
Not in the physical sense. But there are rules that have to be followed…

What’s the social scene like?
There are always things going on here as there’s quite a big team of volunteers. There are a lot of leaving dos too, though, which is why we always need more people to help out. All offers are gratefully received.
Interested in volunteering?
Call 04 341 4777 ext 207; www.theoldlibrary.ae.

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