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Coping with tantrums

What to do if your child goes into meltdown in a supermarket

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Our four-year-old keeps throwing tantrums in public. We’ve been told to ignore him, but it’s really hard. Any advice?
Sheila, Al Barsha

Mirdif Mary says: When your child articulates his feelings through a manifestation of extreme emotion, he’s really just getting in touch with his primordial side. And, unless you want your son to suffer from ‘repressed primal anxiety’, you need to embrace these moments. Next time he expresses himself in the supermarket, don’t fight it. Join him in the experience. Lie down on the floor too and let him know that you feel his pain. Embrace him firmly, and say something calming like, ‘I know you think you want those e-number-filled boiled sweets, but it’s just a passing desire.’ Keep repeating your mantra in a loud, clear voice while maintaining as much eye contact as possible. The screaming will intensify but, after around 45 minutes, the storm should pass, and a zen balance will eventually be restored. Remember, good Karma is always rewarded. Your little one will fall into a deep sleep soon afterwards, not because he is exhausted, as some parenting experts preach, but because his feelings will have been correctly channeled. Happy and peaceful parenting!

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