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How to deal with tantrums

Scared of taking your kids out in public? Try these parenting tips

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Q: My four-year-old is still having very bad tantrums, and going out in public with her is really stressful because she’s so uncooperative. Is there anyone we can see in Dubai who can help us?

A: We really feel for you. Dealing with a tantrum-ing child is absolutely no fun. And the bigger they get, the harder it is to ignore them! Thankfully, there are several parenting experts in town who can help you out. Attend one of their workshops, book a one-to-one appointment, or even enrol yourselves on an eight-week course to hone your parenting skills. We recommend you try out mum and former teacher, Therese Sequeira, who runs the internationally recognised Triple P workshops, courses and seminars from KidsFIRST Centre (04 348 5437; www.parentingdubai.com). Or, you could try Lifeworks, run by mum and former teacher, Carmen Benton, who covers a range of parenting issues through her workshops (050 738 4719; www.lifeworks.com). Good luck!

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That told me nothing, except people I will have to pay to get advice from. Thanks for a worthless article.

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