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Family friendly horror

The best horror films and books for kids of all ages


There’s a Nightmare in My Closet
By Mercer Mayer
This is a wonderfully illustrated tale of a little boy who conquers his fear of the dark. The perfect read for toddlers who get the screaming heeby jeebies if you turn the lights, off, There’s a Nightmare in My Closet is all about a child who lives in fear of the monster in his wardrobe. Every night, before he goes to sleep, he closes the cupboard door, then jumps into bed and hides under his sheets. But as soon as the lights are out, the monster – or ‘nightmare’ – comes to sit on his bed and frighten him. Then one night, the little boy decides he’s had enough. He puts on his general’s helmet, and arms himself with a pop-gun. This time, when the nightmare comes out to scare him, it gets more than it bargained for. A lovely story with a happy ending and life lesson all parents will appreciate. Ages 2-5, Dhs29, www.amazon.com

Sarah’s Little Ghosts
By Thierry Robberecht
A funny, yet creepy, tale with a strong moral message, this is a hilarious story about a little girl who learns the importance of telling the truth in an unusual way. Sarah breaks her mother’s favourite necklace, and feels so bad about it, that she lies to cover it up. But instead of her nose growing longer with every fib – Pinocchio-style – every time she tells an un-truth, a tiny ghost comes out of her mouth. The ghosts begin to multiply as the lie gets bigger and bigger. Not only that, they are chatty little beasties who keep chanting and singing at her. Soon she is left with a choice: come clean to her parents about the broken necklace and be free of the haunting, or live forever with a tribe of noisy ghosts. With lots of funny pictures that are more on the funny side of scary and a solid message about the importance of honesty, it’s a sure-fire favourite with parents and kids alike. Ages 4-8, Dhs23, www.amazon.com

The Worst Witch
By Jill Murphy
One of the best-loved children’s books about witchcraft and wizardry before Harry Potter came along, Jill Murphy’s series about the adventures of Mildred Hubble, a student at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches, are firm favourites with young fans of the magical school genre. Mildred tries hard to please her teachers. Unfortunately, things never seem to go to plan, and the accident-prone young witch manages to cause mayhem wherever she goes. Eventually, she is expelled for almost ruining Halloween, and then the fun really begins. A rip-roaring yarn that will keep them reading into the small hours, and when they’ve finished, there are seven more books in the series. Woo hoo! Ages 7-9, Dhs13, www.amazon.com

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