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Are the kids bored of the same old sports and want to try something new? From capoeira to fencing, Christine Kempell checks out Dubai’s alternative activities for burning off that excess energy

As a parent you know how important it is for your children to become involved in a sport, but what if your kids are finding the usual offerings not inspiring enough to tempt them off the sofa? Is your little fellow fed up of football? Is netball a no-no for Nancy? And are they all sick of swim squad?

Well there are a whole heap of different activities out there if you look hard enough and Time Out Kids has been snooping around for you to see what different sports are on offer right here in Dubai. These are just a taster of what’s available (and what’s to come).


What: Capoeira is a form of martial art from Brazil that is thought to have originated during the African slave trade. It involves ritualized movements to music and drums that were cleverly disguised as a dance in order that the ‘Capoeiristas’ could practice fighting without being discovered by their masters. It is an energetic full body workout that combines music, dance, fighting and flexibility with a Brazilian twist of fun.

Who: Capoeira Mestre Alabama Dubai is run by Professora Espoleta, an experienced teacher who has travelled from Brazil to Dubai via the US, India and Iran, and has been running capoeira classes in the city since 2009.

When and where: Kids’ classes start as young as four years of age and are held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at Contender Gym, off Sheikh Zayed Road near Times Square Mall. Capoeiristas practicing for over a year are given the honour of a nickname reflecting their qualities.

Why: ‘You can learn to do back flips and be known all over the world!’ says Badis, aged 11.

How much:
Children’s classes are Dhs75 each or Dhs500 for the month. Find them at www.capoeiradubai.com or call 050 1034672.

Time Out Dubai,

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