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Eating for two?

Mums-to-be should be eating well – but not for two at all

Morning glory

Believe it or not, at least 80 per cent of women suffer from morning sickness at some point in their pregnancy, while 50 per cent suffer severely in the first trimester

Nothing dampens the joys of early pregnancy more than a dose of nausea. But take heart. The vast majority of women feel miles better by week 13, and even more so by weeks 16-20. Plus, there are lots of things you can do to ease the sickness. Check out our top five tried and tested tricks.

1 Listen to your body and take rest when required. Nausea is often much worse when you are over-tired.

2 Vitamin B6 supplements have been proven to improve morning sickness. Ask your doctor for advice regarding dosage and supplements.

3 Too much iron in your prenatal vitamins can make you feel queasy. Taking your supplements at night and before a proper meal, can make them easier to swallow.

5 Eat small meals regularly. Don’t let yourself get too hungry. Keep a stash of snacks in your handbag.

6) Sipping fresh ginger infused in hot water, drinking ginger ale or sucking slowly on a crystallized chunk, really can make you feel a bit better. It’s worth a try.

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