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Make marble art

An easy-to-do creative idea for your kids

You will need:
A shoe box with a lid (or any similar box), size doesn’t matter Some marbles Craft paint in different colours Paper

1 Cut several pieces of paper so that they fit comfortably into the bottom of the box. You can use any coloured paper you like, or even tin foil.

2 Put out several pots of craft paint in different colours (acrylic/poster etc – as long as it’s kid-safe and non toxic) into different cups. You can use disposable containers to lesson the clear-up time afterwards too. This especially makes life easier if you have a group of children taking part. Make sure you have a bowl of clean water to hand to too.

3 Dip a marble in some paint and put it into the box. Then put the lid on and shake away. Again, some music on the iPod for some ‘shaky’ dancing, is a good way to get active kids more involved. Boys particularly enjoy this bit of the activity.

4 Take out the marble and drop it into the water for a wash. Then start all over again with a different colour. If you only have one marble per child, simply wash it off between colours.

5 Once the paper in the bottom of the box is suitably coated, remove and leave to dry for a unique piece of art.

Also try:
Adding glitter to the paint for a sparkly affect. Use tin foil instead of paper to create a space-age painting, and use black card with neon paints for a fireworks effect. Just experiment and enjoy!
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Mind the mess?
If you dread the chaos left over from a craft session, Ola says:

1 Always use table-top plastic coverings that can be wiped clean of spillages.

2 If you are using paint, prep the area beforehand and make sure you have plenty of newspaper to hand, under the table and chairs where the children will be working.

3 Old t-shirts often work better than aprons for keeping clothes clean. If you’re using messy food colourings, they will stain, so double-up with an apron on top of the t-shirt. Latex gloves can prevent little fingers from getting stained too.

4 Providing wipe-clean plastic trays for each child to work on will also help to contain any spillages.

5 Finally, always have an old towel and a vacuum cleaner within easy reach.

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