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Bumps and Babies

Organised mums in Dubai

Feeling a little frazzled about the new term? Fear not ...

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Melissa Sibul, with Louis and Mischka
I work full-time, so I see the kids off to school at 7am, then leave for work straight after. It’s a long day; when you walk in at the end of it your energy is already zapped. Hence, we have a lot
of systems in place to make life easier.

From experience, I’m a great believer in sorting things in advance. I’ve put my order in for name labels in April, otherwise they may not arrive on time, and I buy the kids’ school uniforms at the end of the previous term (I once went to a start-of-term uniform sale, and there were more than 200 parents there and most of the sizes had already sold out).

I sent the kids to school on a public holiday once, and I really learned my lesson after that. As soon as the school calendar arrives, I print it out for the year and add the important dates to my diary to stay on top of things. Plus, I make sure I keep a copy at work, along with emergency contact numbers and the class mum family tree.

We have a family planner on the fridge for all the kids’ school activities, and everything is prepared the night before, from lunches to PE kit.

We’ve also created our own sticker reward chart. It has things like ‘I got out of bed without being grumpy’, ‘I dressed myself’. I let the kids choose the stickers themselves, it really motivates them, sometimes they’re ready by 6.15am!

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