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Meet the Hiltons

Time Out Kids meets Babysouk’s ‘Chief Mum’ Miranda Hilton and her three-year-old daughter Mia at their home in The Meadows

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Miranda was born in the region, and has been living in and out of the Middle East for her entire life, so making Dubai her home was a natural move for her and her husband Simon. Holding the title of ‘Chief Mum’ at Babysouk.com, purveyors of all things gorgeous for little ones, she’s tasked with sourcing the coolest babies’ and kids’ items from across the globe. We caught up with Miranda and her daughter Mia, three, at their home in The Meadows to find out more about life in Dubai.

Why did you choose to live in The Meadows?
We really love this area and we are creatures of habit to be honest – it was where we moved to when we arrived in Dubai four years ago. We love the little Town Centre with the Fitness First that’s just around the corner, and use the pool and Spinneys there a lot (as well as Milk & Honey!). The area is centrally located and has easy access for Dubai and also to get to Abu Dhabi, which is great for our work.

Did you have your daughter here? If yes, how was the experience?
Yes, at Medcare Hospital. I think the standard of medical care here I have found to be excellent. You definitely felt like one of a number at times but when it came down to it, the caregivers were there when we needed them and they got us through a very tricky day so we have no complaints. We definitely did miss having our family and friends here then as we had only been here for under a year, in 2009, but that’s now changed and we have a lovely network of close friends now.

How do you find raising a child here in Dubai?
Very easy and enjoyable. In comparison to other countries we have lived in, we both feel that the UAE provides a very safe environment. I love the cross-cultural exposure which Mia gets here which she just wouldn’t get back in Australia. The weather, outside of summer, means you can constantly be in the pool or by a beach – it’s a little toddler’s paradise and the communities have lovely parks around here which she really enjoys.

Have you found it easy to meet other mums?
I find it tricky to get to know other mums in the neighbourhood as I work full time but if I walk around the lake or take Mia to the park, everyone is always very friendly. Through my job, I get to talk to mums all the time on the phone and I do love the fact that motherhood is very uniting – you can connect with so many mums across so many cultures as we all go through the same experiences.

How have you put your own stamp on your home?
We only just moved in but I tend to do everything all at once, so I’ve been busy shopping at Pottery Barn’s sale and in IKEA, making sure furniture was delivered the day we moved in. I love ‘beachy’ themes so the kitchen and family area is quite beachy; the living room, warm and snuggly! Mia’s room is my favourite – she got the biggest room out of all of us (not sure how that happened!). We also had the garden landscaped to make sure there was a good play area.

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