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Party bag tips

How to make more interesting party bags and party favours

Homemade favours

If wrapping up sticky slices of cake in napkins to stuff in a plastic party bag at the end of a raucous celebration leaves you cold, why not bake up a batch of cookies pre-birthday bash? Get the birthday boy or girl to decorate them with tubes of coloured icing for each guest, then refrigerate.

Popcorn cones
Popcorn is officially the new super-food. But hush! Don’t tell the kids because they still think it’s a cool and junky treat. Knock up a batch of air-popped corn and portion it into mini cones or zip-lock bags. Label each one with a child’s name.

Flower pots
Head to the hardware store and stock up on mini-pots and seed packets. From pansies to beansprouts or even mint and basil, you can tuck a seed packet into each pot, wrap them in a clear gift bag and secure with a ribbon. If plastic doesn’t appeal, go for small, galvanized pots or ceramics in different colours.

Cook up a large batch and divide it into small, airtight containers. Add glitter or even a couple of drops of essential oils to the dough for a soothing, chill-out version. Just two drops of lavendar, mandarine or chamomile added at the final stage and kneaded in will do the trick.

You will need
• (large batch for a playdough date)
• 650 grams of plain flour
• 325 grams of salt
• 6 tsp of cream of tarter
• 3tbsp of canola oil
• 750mls of water
• Food colouring

Pour all ingredients into a large pot. Stir it constantly over medium heat until a dough ball forms by pulling away from the sides (you need strong arms for this one). Knead dough until the texture matches play dough. It should only take one to two minutes to achieve this.

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