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Soapmaking for kids

Step-by-step guide to making soaps for crafty kids with scents

Fancy doing a craft with the kids that’s both easy and fun and will encourage them to frequently wash their hands? Try this fun soap making activity, supplied by the experts at Apple Seeds, where the little ones can learn about the 5 senses, specifically touch & smell

Things you will need
• 1 bar unscented soap
• Scented body oil
• 2 bowls
• Water
• Spoon
• Cheese grater
• Cookie cutter
• Wax paper

Step by step  for scented soap
1 With supervision of a grown-up little ones grate half a bar of unscented soap into a bowl.

2 Add 2 teaspoons of water.

3 Add 1 teaspoon scented oil.

4 Mix with hands, the texture will change to be similar to play-dough.
(TIP: The more you play with it, the smoother it will become!)

5 Roll into a ball

6 Press flat

7 Choose your favorite cookie cutter & start creating shapes.

8 Remove the sides & gently poke out.

9 This makes a great gift, you can add oats, sugar, or even herbs!

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