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Summer snack recipes for kids

Keep kids hydrated and happy with these easy summer snacks

Keep the kids hydrated and happy with these easy and fun summer snacks created by Chef Manickum at Tribes Restaurant.

Hurricane cooler

• Strawberry juice - 60 ml
• Mango juice - 60 ml
• Green Apple juice - 60 ml
• Vanilla ice cream - 2 scoops
• Strawberry fresh - 10 grams

• Put all the juices in a blender, add vanilla ice cream and blend
• Then in a cup put 30 ml of strawberry juice.
• Add the mixture to the strawberry juice slowly to form layers
• Garnish with a strawberry slice.

Watermelon Salad

(4 portions)
• Watermelon –1kg (cut into triangles)
• Balsamic glaze - 40ml
• Rocket leaves - 120g
• Balsamic dressing - 80ml
• Parmesan cheese – cut into 15 x 15 chips 60g (times four)
• Bread crumbs - 40g
• Egg – 1 each
• Milk - 10ml
• Flour - 10g
• Basil pesto - 80g
• Bread – cut into 15 x 15 chips 35g (times four)

• Crumb the parmesan cheese (flour, egg/milk, breadcrumbs) then deep-fry
• Brush the pesto on the bread & bake in the oven
• Cut the watermelon into triangles, arrange on the plate
• Drizzle the balsamic glaze on the watermelon
• Toss the rocket leaves with balsamic dressing, arrange in the centre of the water melon
• Garnish with parmesan chip & basil croutons

The grape on the tree

• Cranberry juice- 60ml
• Raspberry sorbet – 3 scoops
• Grapetizer -60ml
• Crushed ice

• Put the cranberry juice and raspberry sorbet in a blender
• Add some ice cubes, then blend and smooth
• Pour the grapetizer in cup, and then pour in the mixture little by little
• Garnish with a mint leaf or a fresh grape.

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