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How to make a paper basket

Art and craft experts Play A Round show us how to create a paper basket

Looking for something simple, fun and easy to create at home? The art and craft experts at Play A Round show us how to create a paper basket!

You will need
• Old magazines
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Glue

Let’s do it!
1. Take approximately eight to 10 sheets of magazine paper and cut them length wise into as many strips as possible.

2. Place five strips next to each other and five strips across from the middle. The strips across will go down 4” from the centre. This makes the base of the paper bag.

3. Once you have them in place, glue them one on top of another.

4. Fold the strips up into a 90 degrees angle, so they are standing upright, and repeat this on all four sides.

5. Nearly there, just need to make the handles!

6. Cut two extra strips of paper from the magazine to make the handles. Twist them as shown in the image and glue them on either side of the basket.

7. You can decorate the finished basket with paint or leave it plain. It’s very durable and can be used for storage or as a pen holder. The basket can be made in any size, depending on how many strips you have - and the same process as above applies to make a bigger bag. 

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