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My Gym works out for Nepal

Dubai gym raises more than Dhs10,000 for schools in Nepal

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Dubai-based My Gym raised over Dhs10,000 to support the Children of the Mountain campaign, an organisation that develops and rebuilds schools in Nepal. The funds raised will be used to develop a new Kachuua Klub: a specially designed kindergarten, equipped with kid-friendly furniture and brightly painted décor, to promote a happy learning environment for kids in Nepal. Many of the schools in Nepal have been badly damaged by earthquakes and lack access to essentials like clean water. As well as rebuilding schools, Children of the Mountain funds the education of teachers by providing them with courses in creative thinking, lesson planning and
school management; teachers then have the ability to educate the little ones with skills they need to have a better life. For more info visit www.childrenofthemountain.org.

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