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How to make a paper mache hot air balloon

Arts and crafts experts from Apple Seeds Dubai share a creative project

Looking for something combining creativity and colour to make with the little ones at home? The art and crafts experts at Apple Seeds show us how to create a Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon!

You will need:
• 1 balloon
• Newspaper (non-glossy works best)
• White glue, diluted with water
• Paint and brushes
• Paper cup
• Hole punch
• Pipe cleaner

Day 1
• Inflate the balloon half way up.
• Tear the newspaper into strips.
• Mix together 1 part glue & 1 part water.
• Dip the newspaper strips into the glue.
• Begin covering the balloon with the newspaper.
• Continue until the entire balloon is covered.
• Hang the balloon out to dry.

Day 2
• Paint the balloon. (TIP: hot air balloons are bright & colourful!)
• Hang the balloon to dry.
• Punch a hole into the bottom of the paper cup.
• Twist the pipe cleaner around the bottom of the balloon.
• Slide the opposite end of the pipe cleaner through the hole in the bottom of the paper cup.
• Move the pipe cleaner up & down to fly your balloon!

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