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Outdoor tips for UAE families

Who knows Dubai’s great outdoors better than Dubai parents?

Louise Emma Clarke
Why you love the great outdoors in Dubai: Dubai is the best city in the world for kids when the weather is cool enough to head outside. We have so many beautifully maintained parks, free beaches, and play parks wherever you turn.
Favourite outdoor family spot: We love the running track along Jumeirah Open Beach. Our favourite time is late afternoon when you can watch the sun set as you stroll along, stopping in the kid’s play area and finishing in one of the numerous family-friendly restaurants or cafes at the Dubai Marine Beach Resort end.

Corrine Fuchs
Why you love the great outdoors in Dubai: What is not to love about being outdoors in Dubai (okay maybe not in the summer). My family and I try to get out as much as possible, weather permitting! We often spend a day by our community pool, waddling in the ocean, bike rides, a nice brisk walk or horseback riding. The possibilities here in the UAE are endless. We are blessed with gorgeous weather 75% of the year so get out and take advantage of it! I would take the heat over a freezing cold winter in Canada any day of the year!
Favourite outdoor family spot: Kite Surfing Beach in Jumeirah.

Heidi Raeside
Why you love the great outdoors in Dubai: When the weather is cool, there’s nowhere I’d rather live with a young family. Dubai’s a small city with safe, family parks; soft, sandy beaches and lovely places to walk close by. We’re especially spoilt in the marina with parks, malls, boats, the beach and cafes and all just a beautiful stroll away.
Favourite outdoor family spot: Our favourite outdoor spot is the Hilton Jumeirah Beach. We spend every Saturday afternoon watching the boys play in the beach park, whilst we chill, eat and drink with our best friends (they live in the same tower as us). We can all walk home together, totally in love with Dubai!

Nazza O’Brien
Why you love the great outdoors in Dubai: Apart from the couple of months a year when it is too hot, everyday is perfect for outdoors.
Favourite outdoor family spot: Sunset Beach - stunning iconic backdrop, where the whole family enjoys a variety of activities such as surfing, paddle-boarding, sandcastle building and swimming.

Andrew Sherwood
Why you love the great outdoors in Dubai: The best thing about the great outdoors is all that fresh air: it means we have no trouble getting our little one to sleep at the end of the day.
Favourite outdoor family spot: We like to go to the beach for a paddle and down to Creekside Park to play on the swings.

Emily Liden
Why you love the great outdoors in Dubai: The beach lifestyle and desert escapades. My daughter and I love quick morning swims in the sea or long afternoons playing on the beach with friends until the sun goes down. As a family we also like to venture to the nearby desert for afternoon mint tea and dates. We make a fire and watch the sunset while Luella and our dog play in the dunes. Bliss!

Sara Basant
Favourite outdoor family spot: Al Barsha Park.
It’s such a peaceful setting with so many facilities for families; a walking/running and cycling track with lovely pond view, lots of fitness machines and a well maintained recreational and leisure area for the kids. In winter the food kiosks open and personally, I love the fact that it has only one entrance/exit gate fully supervised by security guards for those times when the kids decide to go exploring. It’s also free to enter all year round!

Will Milner
Why you love the great outdoors in Dubai: Tickling, running about, falling over, throwing or kicking things and messing about seem to be the five favourite things to do in our house and there is so much more space and opportunity to do all of them outdoors. At least 5 months a year are too hot to do much of anything outside in Dubai so during cooler months we try and get grass or sand under foot at every possible opportunity.

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