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Syrian child refugee report

UN report details the distress of refugees in Syria

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A UNHCR survey of Syrian refugee children in Lebanon and Jordan has found widespread psychological distress, many children living alone or separated from their parents, most receiving no education, and extensive involvement of children in illegal labour.

The report, The Future of Syria - Refugee Children in Crisis, is the first in-depth survey conducted by UNHCR of Syrian refugee children since the conflict began in March 2011. Among its findings are that many Syrian refugee children are growing up in fractured families, and that children are often the household’s primary breadwinners. Over 70,000 Syrian refugee families live without fathers and over 3,700 refugee children are either unaccompanied by or separated from both parents.

“My heart breaks for the Syrian refugee children who have become victims of this crisis”, said the Sharjah First Lady, Her Highness (HH) Sheikha Jawaher, UNHCR Eminent Advocate for Refugee Children. She stressed that the children of Syria deserve fundamental humanitarian assistance including protection, health and education. “It is imperative on us all to unite and bring them hope for a better future,” HH added.
For more information on the report, visit www.unhcr.org/media-futureofsyria.

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