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Drop n' shop at Caboodle Citywalk

We try the branch's service and run some errands

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Want to run some errands and grab a bite without a buggy in tow? Louise Emma Clarke tries the Drop-N-Shop service at Caboodle Citywalk and chows down at Mo’s.

It was a Saturday morning when we decided to head to the new Citywalk in Jumeirah 1, craving a food and shopping experience where we could step out of the air conditioning and into a street-like arrangement of shops and restaurants like those at home in Europe. Located at the junction of Al Wasl Road and Safa Road, the development links cafes, restaurants, and stores by walkways in the shade of swaying palm trees and an impressive view of Burj Khalifa.

Having driven past Citywalk many times, it looked like the perfect weekend excursion during the cooler months – and hearing that Caboodle Pamper & Play have opened a branch offering their popular Drop-N-Shop service, it looked like it would appeal to the whole family. While we shopped and ate, our 20-month old would be entertained by the Caboodle staff for an hour.

I tried to book the service earlier in the week, knowing how full it gets at their sister branch in Dubai Mall. After a hiccup where nobody answered the phone for 24-hours, I emailed through my booking and received not one but two reply phone calls within an hour, with apologies for the phone being out of action. Not a bad start.

On the day itself, we pulled up in the large carpark and headed off to find Caboodle, discovering it in the main square. I was impressed from the start, with the interior being much bigger and airier than the Dubai Mall branch. While my husband filled out forms with our contact details, our son ran around exploring with me hot on his heels. Behind one wall, he discovered a mini kitchen, complete with sink, appliances, and trays of plastic groceries. I knew this would be a big hit and he squealed in agreement. Around the corner in the main room, there was a huge spiral slide into a ball pit – too grown-up for my toddler, but no doubt a highlight for older children. Alongside it, there were mini tables and chairs for craft work, colourful soft mats, egg-shaped chairs for kids to sit in (or crawl in and out of in my son’s case), a big tree decorating the wall, and a small soft play area packed to the brim with toys.

After being introduced to our son’s carer for the hour ahead, we made a hasty getaway – and on the way out, spotted an area full of large computers. Knowing how techno-obsessed our son can be, my heart sunk a little. I had visions of him migrating to this area and refusing to leave it, but assured the content would be educational, we stepped out of Caboodle into the warm sunshine to explore.

Citywalk has only completed Phase 1 of its development so the shopping options are still fairly limited. We began our childless hour wandering around to see what was on offer and found most of the stores alongside the road. There’s enough open to have a good browse, with options including Roberto Cavalli Home, a huge Sephora, Early Learning Centre, Mothercare, and s*uce in the hood – and the soon-to-be-opened Spinneys will add a convenient place to grab the groceries.

For us, however, the highlight was the eateries on offer. These are mainly located on the inside of the development, with waterside positions and impressive views of Burj Khalifa. We settled on Mo’s for our breakfast and spent a very happy 45-minutes enjoying the Manhattan-style setting and cuisine. I can’t rave about this place enough – imagine warehouse-style high ceilings with exposed pipes, low-hanging chrome lights over tables, coffee served in pots, and food that will take you straight to the Meat Packing District of New York (the husband chose Corn Beef Hash Skillet, whilst I settled on the Salmon Lox Bagel).

We were within a stone’s throw of Caboodle, so headed back over to pick up with full tummies and relaxed minds – and sure enough, there he was dancing in front of a computer. It was probably my own fault for not asking his carer to steer clear of the electricals, but he did seem happy and I imagine his hour was as enjoyable as ours.

My only major gripe is the price – as Dhs120 for an hour is very steep and adds a fair whack onto the price of a breakfast or your shopping (as a comparison, my son’s nursery charges Dhs150 for 4 hours during the holidays). Still, sometimes you can’t put a price on a little ‘me time’ and I am certain we will be returning soon.
For more information on Caboodle visit their website www.caboodle.ae and for more on Mo’s, give them a call on 04 344 3305.

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