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How to make perfect pancakes

Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi chef shares his pancake recipe with us

You will need:
• 500g refined flour
• 300ml Full cream milk
• 80g liquid butter
• 27g whole eggs
• 7g vanilla essence
• 12g caster sugar
• 3g baking powder
To make the meringue:
• 200g Egg white
• 40g caster sugar


1)Whisk the egg white until slightly stiff, then add the sugar bit by bit and whisk until you get a meringue, set aside.

2) Whisk whole egg, sugar, milk and vanilla essence in a mixing bowl then combine flour and baking powder in another bowl and gently sieve into the milk mix while stirring

3) Add warm butter and vanilla essence into the mixture

4) Fold the meringue gently with a plastic spoon into the batter

5) Take small dollops of the batter and spoon into a hot pan with a drop of sunflower oil

6) To get a nice colouring on both sides turn the pancake over when golden brown and you’re done!

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