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Post natal hair loss

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We’re all familiar with post natal hair loss, the often sudden shedding of your crowning glory just after bubs arrives on the scene. Amit Sodha, hair care expert for 25 years and Director of Nanogen Expert Research recommends shares some tips with us to help maintain your hair post pregnancy:

• Consume fruits and vegetables loaded with fl avonoids and antioxidants to protect hair follicles and encourage hair growth

• Avoid pigtails, hair weaves, braids and tight hair rollers that pull your hair

• Wet hair is fragile, be gentle and avoid fi ne tooth combs

• Avoid using blow dryers and heated hair instruments, try to use the cool setting

• Avoid chemically based treatments such as colouring and perming

• Add dietary supplements such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc to your diet, under the guidance of your gynecologist

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