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Sick of the water park and tired of going to the beach? Why not sign the kids up for some alternative water action at Divers Down Dubai

Sick of the water park and tired of going to the beach? Why not sign the kids up for some alternative water action at Divers Down Dubai.

Located at Riva Beach Club, Divers Down Dubai is a PADI five star Instructor Development Dive Centre that specialises in SCUBA instruction and underwater experiences in the UAE. Ideal for families, this friendly club firmly believes that diving is all about fun and learning. They have a dedicated team of instructors who specialize in teaching kids to scuba dive and each program is individually tailored to the needs of each little diver taking part. It’s a non-competitive activity too, so it’s a great option for kids who need to get away from the day-to-day pressure of competing and winning, whether in academics or athletics. The program also teaches kids about the marine environment, how to protect it and how to be a responsible diver by using the ‘buddy system’ - where divers are paired together and charged with the responsibility of looking out for each other when they’re under the waves.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the age limits for diving?
Kids can dive in the pool from eight years old. After 10 years of age, they can go in the ocean to start their PADI JUNIOR Open Water course. Having a Junior license means that they can only dive in Open Water with either a certified parent or guardian, or a PADI Professional.

Is diving dangerous?
Diving does have some risks, just the same as any other activity. PADI professionals are trained to teach and supervise people specific skills in a controlled environment before trying anything in the ocean. Students are taught about how to prevent and deal with diving accidents. A PADI professional will always be closely monitoring students to avoid potential risks involved with diving, this provides a safe and fun environment to dive in.

Are there scary animals in the ocean, for example sharks?
Just the same as on the surface there are potential hazards, but aquatic life is generally safe to dive with. We teach all students to act as role models when it comes to treating animals with respect and care. Students are encouraged to look at the sea life from a distance and to never touch or bother it. Sharks are obviously in the ocean, but they don’t pay much attention to humans. They are seen in the same way as spiders, many people don’t like them or are afraid of them but they are more likely to be afraid of you and will swim away immediately! They are also sadly not very present on dives around the UAE due to the human impact on them within the fishing industry. We also try to teach the kids about Shark conservation too so we can spread the word and try to preserve what little species we have left in this area.

Can scuba diving be credited towards school programs?
Yes, we offer a huge range of school programs. Scuba Diving can be linked in with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, CAS, GCSE and the IB program.

What are the depth restrictions?
Children aged eight to nine are limited to a pool limit of 4m. At 10 and 11 they can participate in the Junior Open Water course where, under supervision, they are allowed to a depth of 12m. At the ages of 12-14 they are able to go to a depth of 21m when they participate in the Junior Advanced Open water.

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