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Find out more about free first aid and safeguarding workshops for families

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Everyone agrees that first aid is an important skill to have, yet often with the whirlwind that is Dubai, work and family it’s often put to the bottom of our to-do list. The Kids Initiative want to rectify this.

The Kids Initiative is a non for profit initiative that provides free first aid and family safeguarding workshops across Dubai. Having held over 100 workshops, the Kids Initiatives family safeguarding team and their pediatric nurse Rebecca Smith, are fast becoming the go to people for first aid training and information about local laws and regulations that could affect expats living in Dubai. Here are the Kids team top 10 facts you didn’t know as an expat living in Dubai:

1. There is NO Good Samaritan law here in Dubai: If you are first aid trained or even a doctor or a nurse and someone collapsed in front of you in the street there is no guaranteed outcome for yourself if you intervene. You could be sued, deported or even imprisoned despite saving their life due to cultural or religious differences. The Kids Initiative are petitioning for clearer guidelines surrounding the Good Samaritan law here in the UAE.

2. Administrating CPR could double the chance of survival: CPR administered within the first four minutes of cardiac arrest could double or even TRIPLE the chance of survival. This is one of the vital first aid techniques taught at a Kids Initiative workshop for babies, children and adults.

3. Women do not always automatically get guardianship of their children: As a women living here in Dubai if your husband was to pass away you wouldn’t automatically get guardianship of your children, under Sharia law this could go to the eldest living male relative on the paternal side. The Kids Initiative offer FREE guardianship documents that gives women the best chance of maintaining custody of their children if the worst was to happen.

4. Precedent case does not form part of the UAE legal system: Two people could enter a court room here in Dubai who have lived the same lives and are in court for the same reason yet both cases could have a different outcomes depending on the judge sitting on the day. This is the same when it comes to ruling on wills and guardianship nothing can guarantee an outcome but having documentation in place can give you the best chance of having your wishes respected.

5. 1 first aid trained person per 999 children: This shocking statistic is the number of first aid trained members of staff in schools required by law. The Kids Initiative hold their workshops in schools and nurseries across the UAE and for every 10 people that attend the workshop they provide 1 free certified training course for a member of staff in a bid to increase this ratio.

6. 1 in 3 people get cancer in their lifetime: Imagine being the sole bread winner in your family, developing a critical illness and no longer being able to provide. With most companies offering sick pay of 15 days full pay and 30 days half pay the chances of you recovering in this time is slim. Make sure you have cover in place to account for your bills and cost of living.

7. 8 minutes: The optimum response time for an ambulance here in the UAE is 8 minutes although with the amount of congestion on roads like Sheikh Zayed it can take a lot longer. The Kids Initiative teach the core first aid skills you may need to preserve life until an ambulance arrives.

8. 1 first aid trained person for every 100 employees: Currently under UAE labor law you are only required to have 1 first aid trained person per 100 employees. The Kids Initiatives sister company Safe & Sound hold first aid and family safeguarding workshops in the workplace and for every 10 people that attend they offer 1 free fully certified first aid training place to a member of staff.

9. Seatbelts save lives: Seatbelts are the single biggest life saver in the case of a road traffic accident. With someone dying on the roads every two days here in Dubai it’s so important to make sure you and the children buckle up before any journey.

10. Mandatory health insurance for employees: From November ALL employers here in the UAE by law, have to provide health insurance for all of their employees. What a fantastic added bonus for expat employees here in Dubai.
The Kids Initiative hold free workshops all year round, why not come along and safeguard your family?
Visit www.kidsinitiativeuae.com or call 04 567 4504.

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