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Avent tiny achievements

Why does 2014 mark a special year for Philips AVENT?

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2014 marks a special year for Philips AVENT as the brand celebrates its 30th anniversary. In celebration of 30 years, Philips AVENT has launched the “Tiny Achievements” campaign, in cooperation with Al Qadi Pharmacy and Est., championing the parenting accomplishments and private victories that happen every day behind the scenes that often go unnoticed. The campaign seeks to provide an opportunity for mothers to focus on the positives in their daily parenting challenges and share them with a brand and communities who understand them and want to celebrate every milestone with them, however big or small. Whether it is having a shower before lunchtime, successfully breast feeding for the first time, or getting baby to sleep with no tears, Philips AVENT wants to hear about these successes.
Visit www.facebook.com/Philips.Avent.Arabia for more information.

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