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Bumps and Babies

New bumps classes at Ignite Fitness

Pre and postnatal training need not be daunting for many mothers-to-be

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Pre and postnatal training can be daunting for many mothers-to-be. Safety is of utmost importance at this exciting time and just the thought of exercise can be overwhelming. It is proven though that regular exercise can enhance overall health and stamina and assist in the physical demands of motherhood both pre and post birth. Ignite Fitness & Wellness has launched ‘Bumps, Babies & Beyond’ - a pre and postnatal exercise class for mums and mums-to-be with qualified instructors. Classes take place at Riva Beach and Umm Sequim Beach Park. All classes are limited to 10 people to ensure close supervision and safety in performing the exercises.
Dhs75 per session or Dhs500 per month for eight sessions, www.ignite-wellness.com (04 452 2555).

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